Barbara V. Anderson

In 2012, I retired to write, draw, walk and sing. My short stories were published in several national journals. As a solo performer, I presented “Googling for God” and “Swimming Under Water” at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco. My newest book, Letters from the Way, about my two 600-mile walks across southern France, was published. My short plays have been presented by several theater companies on the West Coast. My drawings were shown in art shows in Florence, Italy and San Rafael, California. When not walking, I sing, and often when I am walking. I recently joined the Stanford Symphonic Chorus.

Music and art greatly influence the ideas in Fugitive Colors. To quote Marge, “Picasso said, ‘Art is the lie that reveals the truth.’” I will paint my friends but the paints will fade until nothing remains but smudges on white paper. Both the lie and the truth disappear in time. But lies and truth require witnesses, like the tree in the forest or the sound of one hand. Perhaps when a lie is witnessed it becomes truth. You will be my witnesses.

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