The Fall Festival will be held virtually October 20–24, 2021.

The Playwrights

Thomas Brandon

Thomas Brandon

Pocket Universe

On a picnic at the park where they had their first date, a husband and wife share happy disagreements about what counts as a "first date," revealing troubling memory gaps that lead to a dark discovery.

Meghan Brown

Meghan Brown

What Happened While Hero Was Dead

Hero, of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, finds herself embroiled in false rumors and discovers that being dead might be the best thing that could've happened to her life.

Andrew Lee Creech

Last Drive to Dodge

Set at the tail end of the Cowboy Golden Age, Last Drive to Dodge is an examination of race, love, and legacy in a time when everyone is scrambling for their piece of the American Dream.

Tylie Shider HollisKing

Tylie Shider

Certain Aspects of Conflict in the Negro Family

In the long hot summer of 1967, a disintegrated American family tries to repair and re-migrate south, but racial tensions erupt in the city and threaten to thwart the family’s dreams for the future.

ANPF 2021 Finalists

Abundancia by Carlos-Zenen Trujillo

Black Cypress Bayou by Kristen Adele Calhoun

Frankie Moon’s Long Gone by Ean Miles Kessler

If & When by Quinn D. Eli

Mississippi Son by LaDarrion Williams

My Dinner with Andrea by Susan Lambert Hatem

The Stands by Jack Neary

Thoughts & Prayers by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich


ANPF’s Fall Festival is our annual flagship event that features readings of four plays chosen from hundreds of submissions from all over the world. The plays are anonymized and read by a dedicated team of volunteer readers who select the finalists. Our artistic director receives the scripts and leads the collaborative process of choosing the winners. Each play receives two readings, a matinée and an evening, and is followed by a talkback session with the playwright, providing a learning opportunity for both the audience and the artist. The week also features a playwriting workshop with all the winners.

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