Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: BRILLIANT WORKS OF ART by Donna Hoke, Pt 1

We are excited to offer you free access to a full play in our collection, released in two parts: BRILLIANT WORKS OF ART by Donna Hoke. With incredible talent from Brandy Carson, Anthony Heald, Stefani Potter, and Román Zaragoza, the story follows law student Abby Gates as she starts a sugar daddy relationship with Grant to get her tuition bills paid…until it means keeping a secret from the man she loves: James, an artist exploring confession and the thresholds of shame. When Abby’s two worlds collide, she discovers her sugar daddy has taught her about more than good wine. BRILLIANT WORKS OF ART is a story about what we give up to get what we want; art vs. commerce; love vs. sex; willing compromise; and ultimately, a woman unapologetically occupying a place that traditionally belongs to men.

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Donna Hoke is an award-winning playwright, New York Times-published crossword puzzle constructor, children’s book author, blogger and more. Her work has been seen in 46 states and on five continents. Her commentary can be read on howlround, The Dramatist, and the Official Playwrights of Facebook, among other publications. Find her at

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