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Oasis for Playwrights
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By Reginald Edmund

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By Gabriel Neustadt

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By R. Eric Thomas

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Community-Based New Play Development

Ashland New Plays Festival is [insert about text]. Here is a sample from another theater: Theatre Three illuminates the human experience with exemplary, intimate theatre by nurturing authors, artists and audiences. As a recognized pillar of the North Texas arts community, T3 enriches lives by bringing engaging, provocative, and professionally produced theatrical experiences. Outside of performances, we nurture artistic skills by fostering local playwrights, training adult actors, and engaging young artists with internship opportunities and summer youth programming.

I love new theatre and this is a tremendously vibrant festival.

- Peter Stone

What an inspiring experience to see a play in its developing form. Hearing the ideas and intentions expressed directly by the playwright adds another layer of insight and appreciation for the audience.

I didn't know what to expect walking into the play, but I was pleasantly surprised. The performances were incredible and I really connected to the story despite never having seen a play so early in development. I really enjoyed it!

- Southern Oregon University student

A living treasury of new plays available on demand

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ANPF Play4Keeps Podcast Conversations

Episode 026 New Voices 2022
In Conversation with Mikki Gillette, Lindsay Partain, Lorenz Qatava, Leslie Slape, and Ken Yoshikawa
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Episode 024 Kyle And Inda
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Free Play Water Made To Rise
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: WATER MADE TO RISE by Barret O’Brien
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Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: THE GOOD BET by Bob Clyman
Free Play Exceptionals
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: THE EXCEPTIONALS by Bob Clyman
Free Play Tail Of The Bell
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: TAIL OF THE BELL by Gabriel Neustadt
Free Play Science Night
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: SCIENCE NIGHT by Stephanie Neuerburg
Free Play Pankhurst
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: PANKHURST: FREEDOM OR DEATH by Jeannine Grizzard
Free Play In Ways Both
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: IN WAYS BOTH FRIVOLOUS AND DEEP by Marin Gazzaniga
Free Play Fugitive Colors
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: FUGITIVE COLORS by Barbara V. Anderson
Free Play For Nina
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: FOR NINA by Robert Emmet Lunney
Free Play Flowers In The Desert
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: FLOWERS IN THE DESERT by Donna Hoke
Free Play Fernando
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: FERNANDO by Steven Haworth
Free Play Klaus Kinski
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: THE SECOND COMING OF KLAUS KINSKI by Andrew Perez
Free Play Elevator Girl
Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: ELEVATOR GIRL by Donna Hoke

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