Review of: For Nina

For Nina
This play is a RIDE. So funny! So it's basically the Seagull part 2 and boy does it capture the comedy of Chekov. Nina is so funny in her misery and negativity. I feel like I really connected with the journey of Gar, I think he speaks a lot of truth and wisdom as to what it feels like to be an artist and what it's like to be in love. I think the character of Denise brings a lot of perspective to this story the way that Nina does in the Chekov's The Seagull. Denise is young and sees this crowd of characters with fresh eyes and I think it helps to bring the audience on the journey into this world. I also appreciated the presence of Nina's son as an off stage character. I think that he creates a depth to the world and to Nina way that creates empathy in an interesting parallel to Arkadina. I think this play is fresh, and funny, and for sure worth the listen!

- Marie-Claire Erdynast