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Ty Greenwood

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2021 New Voices Emerging Playwright

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Ty Greenwood V2

Currently residing: Seattle, Washington

Grew up in: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Creative beginnings: I was always interested in the performing arts. At a young age my mama got me into journaling and writing which started to train that muscle for the work I do today.

Playwriting inspiration: I was tired of not seeing myself and my friends represented in the plays I was required to read. And I have a lot to say about a lot of things and my voice matters.

Writing process: I’m still growing into this. It’s very sporadic right now. It is fueled by how passionate I am about what I’m writing and if I can get into a groove.

Origin of your play Dependency: The need to talk about taboo issues in the Black community. For Dependency, it’s about drugs, mental health, healing and finding self worth. The story centers on two Black high school students, which is the demographic I currently teach.

Favorite moment or line: The moment DeShawn & TT come to realize THEY NEED HELP.

Hope for audience takeaways: My hope is that audiences will be able to relate in some ways to the story of the play and know that we need to talk about taboo issues even if they are uncomfortable. We have to start having the conversations.

Most looking forward to at ANPF: I am looking forward to expanding the play and diving deeper into the characters and building the story more into ACT II. I am also very excited about my cohort members...this is by far the most diverse group I’ve been a part of! And of course the mentorship is going to be amazing!