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Blue Beckford Burrell

Lyons Pride

ANPF 2023 Winner

October 20 and 21, 2023

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Bleu Beckford Burrell

Currently residing: In the DMV

Grew up in: Far Rockaway, NY

Creative beginnings: I have my M.F.A. in acting, I always wanted to be an actor since I was a child, Playwriting just happened after I graduated, from a desire to share stories I hadn't seen or read. I should mention I have a degree in Psychology because I have always been interested in why people do the things they do (motivations/narratives), so it's maybe not that surprising that I consider myself a character-driven writer and actor as well.

Playwriting empowerment and nurturance: My life experiences, curiosity in humanity, and specifically centering Black women and people of the African Diaspora.

Writing process: I write when inspired, it is random and spontaneous. I jot things down, I draw things out, I wait for the voices of character in my head to tell me their story.

The inspiration behind your play: Growing up first generation Jamaican American and wanted to give life to that experience and, of course, my family.

Favorite moment or line: I know Queen is an audience favorite so what ever she's saying is a good time. My favorite moment is when there's this joyful dancing and music with the whole Lyons family. It's a beautiful moment to see how my people have always found moments of love to fill them up even during challenging times.

Most looking forward to at ANPF: Hearing the laughter from the audience.

Home for audience takeaways: No matter their background or experience in life, they will see themselves or someone they know in the characters they witness in Lyon’s Pride.