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By Emily Dendinger

Synopsis Laurel has always been the apple of the church’s eye. She’s the first person to volunteer to picket funerals of dead soldiers, knows what to say to strike a nerve in a crowd, and…

A Long Time Coming

By Weston Gaylord

Synopsis A forest is growing in Norway, planted to provide paper for a set of texts that will be printed in the year 2114. Each year between 2014-2114, an author is selected to write a…

And Vaster

By Skye Robinson Hillis

In their fifteen years together, married actors Michael and Corinne have stood by their decision to focus on their respective careers and each other, and to not have children. When Michael is suddenly confronted with a heretofore unknown seventeen-year-old daughter begotten…

Sarah Mitchell Artichoke Hearts

Artichoke Hearts

By Sarah Mitchell

Artichoke Hearts cuts into the strange, sadistic state of being in love. Written and performed by Sarah Mitchell in a series of embodied interviews, the show investigates why we bother to look for pieces of…


By Isabel Estelle

Synopsis After a young woman is unexpectedly diagnosed with a terminal illness and chooses to pursue Death with Dignity, she and her new partner must navigate the beginning and end of their relationship simultaneously. As…

Berth Breach/Breech Birth

By Inda Craig-Galván

Synopsis During a house call for a pregnant mare, a veterinarian discovers an entire ship filled with enslaved people, inside the horse’s uterus. And one enslaved man sees her, too. Is she imagining it all? Can she…

Best Available

By Jonathan Spector

Synopsis We’re not going to talk about the sudden departure of our previous Artistic Director, because we want to focus on the future, not the past. The one thing we’re all on the same page…

Brilliant Works of Art

Brilliant Works of Art

By Donna Hoke

Law student Abby Gates has no qualms about becoming a sugar baby to get her tuition bills paid…until it means keeping a secret from the man she loves, an artist exploring confession and the thresholds…


Butterflies and Margarine

By Oded Gross

Hazel has fallen in love with John. She met John three months prior when she found him naked in a field, unable to remember anything, not who he is, how he got there or any…

Certain Aspects of Conflict in the Negro Family

By TyLie Shider

Livestream reading: Friday, October 22, at 6 pm PT On-Demand presentation: October 26–31 Synopsis Certain Aspects of Conflict in the Negro Family explores a family’s internal divisions in response to the 1967 Plainfield, New Jersey,…

Chapters of a Floating Life

By Clarence Coo

Synopsis It’s the Second World War and two couples from China are trying to make ends meet in New York City. One husband and wife live uptown, obsessed with a past of poetry, painting, and…

Cost of Living

By Martyna Majok

Synopsis What is the road that brought us here? Unemployed truck driver Eddie sits at a bar alone, recalling his final moments with wife, Ani, when a car accident turned the focus of their relationship…