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By Reginald Edmund

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By Skye Robinson Hillis

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By Richard Kalinoski

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By R. Eric Thomas

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By Natalie Symons

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By Sarah Mitchell

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By Blake Hackler

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By Diana Burbano, Chris Shelton, Tom Shelton

The ANPF Play4Keeps Podcast is your ticket to the theatre!

We present audio performances of compelling new plays by incredible playwrights as well as engaging conversations with theatre creators.

Compelling, convenient, and free. Our new play listening library is available on demand, delivered to you in a format that suits your lifestyle. Listen in your car, at the gym, on a plane, while gardening, wherever you like. Your mobile device is your all-access pass to new works for the stage. Let us bring them alive for you!

Inspiring, educational, and entertaining, our conversations with theatre creators are like grabbing a drink with your favorite playwright friends. Jump in on the conversation and see what they're saying!

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By Diana Burbano, Tom Shelton, and Chris Shelton


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And Vaster

By Skye Robinson Hillis

In their fifteen years together, married actors Michael and Corinne have stood by their decision to focus on their respective careers and each other, and to not have children. When Michael is suddenly confronted…

Sarah Mitchell Artichoke Hearts

Artichoke Hearts

By Sarah Mitchell

Artichoke Hearts cuts into the strange, sadistic state of being in love. Written and performed by Sarah Mitchell in a series of embodied interviews, the show investigates why we bother…

Brilliant Works of Art

Brilliant Works of Art

By Donna Hoke

Law student Abby Gates has no qualms about becoming a sugar baby to get her tuition bills paid…until it means keeping a secret from the man she loves, an artist…


Butterflies and Margarine

By Oded Gross

Hazel has fallen in love with John. She met John three months prior when she found him naked in a field, unable to remember anything, not who he is, how…

Dance of the Fluxons

By Drew Katzman

Is there one defining principle that underlies the behavior of all physical matter? Does it also underlie the behavior of emotional matter? Will Rainbow get to the pre-party? Should dinner…

Donna Orbits the Moon

By Ian August

Something is not quite right with Donna: She’s a loving mother, a devoted wife, and a minor celebrity to all the bake sale planners in town, but something is making…

Elevator Girl

By Donna Hoke

Elevator Girl was never meant to be more than an urban legend, a sexual revenge fantasy created by Vanessa and her graphic illustrator boyfriend. But when the comic superhero unleashes…

Even Flowers Bloom in Hell, Sometimes

By Franky D. Gonzalez

Synopsis An examination of the inmates within a system trying to discover meaning in the face of isolation and doubt in one’s own worth over a 25-year bid. The play…


By Steven Haworth

The play is a farce about tragic people. Zacharia Smythe, assistant professor of art, has come to Madrid to take a short sabbatical and study a painting by Fernando Rafael…

Flowers in the Desert

By Donna Hoke

After 14 years of marriage, Britt and Joe called it quits, so Joe is surprised when three years later, Britt asks him to try again. Cheater Joe still loves his…

For Nina

By Robert Emmet Lunney

Nina Dalton is a major movie star performing in a new play by her older, Pulitzer Prize-winning husband, Brian Bartov. Their world is shaken by the return of Gar Jackson,…

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Front Room

By Richard Kalinoski

Sandra, a middle-aged woman who is a professor of theater at a small college, attempts to safeguard her irascible mother, who is a desperate hoarder. While Sandra begins preparations to…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | Behind the scenes: A conversation with Laura Jacqmin and Meridith Friedman

Playwrights and TV writers Laura Jacqmin and Meridith Friedman connect over their experiences in TV world and…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | Love your squad: A conversation with Skye Robinson Hillis and Don Zolidis

We’re so happy to bring these two past ANPF winners together in conversation! Skye Robinson Hillis (ANPF…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | Lived Experience: A conversation with Rachel Crowl and Natalie Symons

Rachel Crowl and Natalie Symons are unapologetically kicking ass and taking names. In this week’s ANPF Play4Keeps…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | Friendship and collaboration: A conversation with Victor Lesniewski and Kareem Fahmy

Jump into a conversation between friends Victor Lesniewski and Kareem Fahmy. They share what they’ve collaborated on…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | Landscapes of language: In conversation with Blake Hackler and Holly L. Derr

Welcome to this week’s episode where Blake Hackler and Holly L. Derr reconnect after working with each…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | Historical plays bring the past to life: A conversation with Jeannine Grizzard and Leslie Slape

What do you get when you bring together two playwrights to discuss their historical dramas? You learn…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | Reflecting Experience through Theatre: Kari Bentley-Quinn and Marie-Claire Erdynast

Join playwright Kari Bentley-Quinn and actor Marie-Claire Erdynast as they discuss Kari’s plays, including THE WORST MOTHER…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | Gathering data of the heart: Sarah Mitchell and Kara Q Lewis

Join us for a dive into the story and process behind Sarah Mitchell’s ARTICHOKE HEARTS and the…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | A Way Beyond The Script: E.M. Lewis and Jackie Apodaca

Join these two multitalented theatre creators for an engaging conversation that takes you through stories of creating…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | Tiny Quiet Little Love Song: Beth Kander and Ian August

Beth Kander and Ian August are a joy to listen to when they get together, whether in…

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Play4Keeps Podcast | Ahead of the curve: Kyle Haden and James Pagliasotti

In this episode, Ashland New Plays Festival Artistic Director Kyle Haden and Play4Keeps Director James Pagliasotti talk…

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