Angel Subscribers

Every new venture has to find people who believe in it when it’s only an idea and there's no “there” yet. Play4Keeps is fortunate that so many people were quick to support the concept.

The people listed on this page, whom we call our Angel Subscribers, provided us with the “early” support that gave us a great start in bringing Play4Keeps to life. They have earned not only a lifetime subscription to our treasury of new works for the stage, but also our eternal gratitude for their vision and generosity. They are:


Lucy Dobson

Jim Teece and Project A, Inc.

Jane and Steve Ballback

Jane and Bill Bardin

Noreen and Ron Hulteen

Donna Ritchie

Norma and Fred Wright

Linda and Rick Young


Our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you,

The Play4Keeps Team

Image credit: Yoav Hornung
Image credit: Yoav Hornung