Play4Keeps Podcast | Singing Our Song: A Conversation with Nate Eppler and Stephanie Alison Walker


Nate Eppler and Stephanie Alison Walker join us on the podcast today for a conversation that brings connection and catharsis. They put our feelings into words and deftly share what they’re experiencing and thinking about during this pandemic. Listen as they talk about the power of championing other playwrights, finding inspiration in shorter projects, being okay with not meeting old benchmarks, and accepting help from those who want to give it. What’s your coping mechanism during this time? What advice would you want to give yourself a week from now?

Nate Eppler is a playwright and new play advocate currently serving as Director of the Ingram New Works Project and Playwright-in-Residence for Nashville Repertory Theatre. He was a winner at ANPF 2018 for his play Primary User, which is scheduled to receive its world premiere this summer at the San Francisco Playhouse. It will also be part of Nashville Repertory Theatre’s 2020-2021 season.

Stephanie Alison Walker is a playwright and screenwriter. Her plays are known for mining humor in darkness, personalizing the political, and exploring the strength of women. She is a two-time ANPF winning playwright for 2016’s The Madres and 2018’s The Abuelas. Both plays received their world premieres at Chicago’s Teatro Vista.

As mentioned in the conversation, here is the list created by Stephanie and playwright Donna Hoke to help promote and support playwrights whose work was postponed or cancelled during the pandemic:


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