Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: DONNA ORBITS THE MOON by Ian August

Something is not quite right with Donna: she’s a loving mother, a devoted wife, and a minor celebrity to all the bake sale planners in town, but something is making her spacey, and she’s not sure what it is. Therapy is out of the question and church isn’t the place to share one’s distress. Donna will need to pass through space and through time—all the while listening to an unlikely voice—and try to break free from her gravitational pull to learn just how she can land.

Our audio performance features Liisa Ivary and Eric Poppick.

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DONNA ORBITS THE MOON was produced at Tiny Dynamite in Philadelphia in 2019 and was the winner of the Thomas Barbour Memorial Playwrights Award in 2011. It had a developmental production with Utah Contemporary Theatre in 2010 and a world-premiere production with the NJ Repertory Company in 2011, followed by a run at Passage Theatre in Trenton in 2012.

Ian August is a past ANPF winner for his play THE EXCAVATION OF MARY ANNING in 2018. His full-length plays include: BRISÉ (Selection, 2019 Great Plains Theatre Conference; Finalist, 2019 Seven Devils Playwright Conference); THE EXCAVATION OF MARY ANNING (Winner, 2018 Ashland New Plays Festival and 2018 DVRF New Playwright Program; Semi-Finalist 2018 O’Neill Conference); INTERVIEWESE (Winner, Garry Marshall Theatre New Works Fest; Finalist, 2018 B Street Theatre New Comedy Fest); COBBLER (Finalist, B Street Theatre 2019 New Comedy Fest); and more. His YA play, PARKER AND THE CITY IN THE SEA, debuted at the 71st Edinburgh International Fringe Festival in the summer of 2018. Other works have been published by Samuel French, Inc., The Pitkin Review, Smith and Kraus Publishing, and the One-Act Play Depot. He is a founding member of the Princeton-based playwriting collective, the Witherspoon Circle, and is a graduate member of the Philadelphia playwriting workshop, The Foundry.

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