Knockout Mouse

By Gabriel Neustadt    

Knockout Mouse

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A lab assistant discovers that the prominent neurobiologist he works for has fudged data on a major scientific paper. As Peter contemplates his next move, he seeks the advice of his closest friend and fiercest rival, Max, whose recommendations are uncompromising: rat on Greta Mendillo before she rats on him. Punch or be punched; knock her out or get knocked out yourself.


Peter Kyle Sanderson
Max Cameron Davis
Greta Vilma Silva
Stage directions Sarah Glasgow


The present.


Scene 1 — Peter’s apartment, Thursday evening.
Scene 2 — Mendillo’s office, Friday morning.

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Play Length: 1:16:49

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Gabriel Neustadt is a two-time finalist for the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference and a finalist for both the Ashland New Plays Festival and Sundance Episodic Story Lab. His plays have received staged readings and workshop productions at the Blank Theatre, Skylight Theatre, Harvard University, Actors’ Theatre of Santa Cruz, and the Florida Studio Theatre, among others. Originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, he now makes his home in Los Angeles, where he continues to write for the stage and screen.

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Cameron Davis
Sarah Glasgow
Sarah Glasgow
Kyle Sanderson
Kyle Sanderson
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