In Ways Both Frivolous and Deep

By Marin Gazzaniga    

In Ways Both Frivolous and Deep

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When Millicent needs a time-out from her life, she ends up subletting Sparky’s grunge-infested apartment while he’s out on the road. She organizes his home and puts his life under a microscope as a distraction from her own demons. When he returns, she won’t leave. Her constant probing makes the mild-mannered roadie snap, and he unleashes some observations of his own. As the two strangers reach a détente, they help each other in unexpected ways.

“When we change our brand of cigarette, move to a new neighborhood, subscribe to a different newspaper, fall in and out of love, we are protesting in ways both frivolous and deep against the not-to-be-diluted dullness of day-to-day living.”

From Summer Crossing by Truman Capote


Millicent Erica Sullivan
Sparky Michael Gabriel Goodfriend
Stage directions Grant Luecke


Fall 2010 in an East Village apartment.

Poster art by: Eoneren

Genre: , ,

Play Length: 1:34:40

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Marin Gazzaniga is a writer, producer and creative executive who has produced video and digital projects for top entertainment brands including HBO, IFC, AMC and Turner Networks. Her digital work has been honored with awards from the Webbys and Promax. As a journalist, she’s written for,, Women & Hollywood, Vogue and others.

Her stage and film scripts have been semi-finalists & finalists for awards including the O’Neill Playwrights Conference, Ashland New Plays Festival, Heidemann, Echo Theatre, and Austin Screenwriters. Her original TV pilots have been honored by The Black List, the PAGE Awards, and The WriteHer List.  She has written for Emmy-nominated and award-winning TV and online series.

Michael Goodfriend
Michael Gabriel Goodfriend
Grant Luecke
Grant Luecke
Sullivan Erica
Erica Sullivan

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