Dance of the Fluxons

By Drew Katzman    

Dance of the Fluxons

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Is there one defining principle that underlies the behavior of all physical matter? Does it also underlie the behavior of emotional matter? Will Rainbow get to the pre-party? Should dinner be held or served? Is David cheating on Millie? Is Kent really a visitor from a different world? What does the baby make of all this? And where’s Andy? The answer to all of these and more–questions you didn’t even know how to ask–are held within the physics of a fluxon and the heart of a Rainbow, especially the question as to whither we are headed.

Playwright Perspective

A lifelong quest to understand the nature of things and the nature of being led me one day to an exquisitely simple understanding of all that is. I realized, of course, that it was improbable that the theory I’d formulated contained truth, and yet I could see nothing that proved it false; in fact, I observed evidence of its correctness in anything I looked at closely. Chaos seeks form, form seeks chaos; life is a divine tension between love and fear. But I am not a scientist, I am a creative artist. I created, as best I could, a piece of theater that propounds ideas and at the same time demonstrates how we flawed humans live out our lives subject to basic forces that we neither recognize nor understand, always wondering whether the evidence of our lives should cause us to despair or hope.


David Scott Kaiser
Millie Elizabeth Gudenrath
Francine Stefani Potter
Rainbow Meghan Nealon
Kent Cameron Davis
Stage directions James Pagliasotti


The open-floor-plan living/dining area of the Bloomington, Indiana, upper-middle-class home of David and Millie Braylock, in autumn.

Poster art by: Michelle Anderst

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Play Length: 1:40:35

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Drew Katzman is a writer, actor and director who has had a long association with Theatre West in Los Angeles. He has also appeared in television, movies, and in theaters in Los Angeles, New York, and Santa Fe. His play In the Dream Castle was a winner of Ashland New Plays Festival in 2007 and a finalist in The Julie Harris Playwrights Competition. His produced plays include Magic Palace; How Do You SayYou Need; Little Prisons, Big Escapes; Over the Rainbow; the critically acclaimed Tired of Looking for Barrymore; and the musical Listen To The Voices. The Paradigm won an Ellen Idelson Award. An earlier version of Dance of the Fluxons was a finalist in the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference competition and a selection of the Great Plains Theatre Conference. Drew is a member of the Dramatists Guild, Screen Actors Guild and Actors’ Equity.

Davis Cameron Web
Cameron Davis
Elizabeth Gudenrath
Elizabeth Gudenrath
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Scott Kaiser
Meghan Nealon
Meghan Nealon
Stefani Potter
Stefani Potter

Earlier versions of Dance of the Fluxons have been through multiple stages of development. Peer feedback, table reads, unrehearsed and lightly rehearsed public readings have all resulted in rewrites and polishes. An earlier version was a runner-up in the O’Neill Center National playwright’s Conference competition and a selection of the Great Plains Theatre Conference a few years ago. The current version, which entailed a fairly major rewrite after letting the play sit for a year or so, has not had readings or other development activity.

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