Artichoke Hearts

By Sarah Mitchell    

Artichoke Hearts

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Artichoke Hearts cuts into the strange, sadistic state of being in love. Written and performed by Sarah Mitchell in a series of embodied interviews, the show investigates why we bother to look for pieces of ourselves in other people.

Playwright Perspective

I’m not sure why, but strangers tell me secrets. They always have. Or maybe not secrets exactly, but things they wouldn’t normally talk about in the frozen food section of the grocery store with someone they’ve never met.

In the fall of 2013 I was a senior at Southern Oregon University and I was in need of a thesis to graduate.

I felt far away from myself and everyone around me. I was lonely, my heart was broken and I didn’t know what to do. It’s easy to get lost in yourself when your heart is broken. To overanalyze moments, memories and what could have been.

I started asking strangers about love, at first as a way to distract myself. But through my interviews I found the key to mending a broken heart is remembering you’re not alone.


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Play Length: 49:11

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Sarah is a Los Angeles based writer, actor, and producer. After graduating from Southern Oregon University with a BFA in Performance, she was a member of the 2014 Oregon Shakespeare Festival acting company where she understudied Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White in Into the Woods. Television credits include Princess Cora and Maple in Disney’s Sofia the First and various voices on Fancy Nancy.

Artichoke Hearts made its Fringe debut at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2016.

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Sarah Mitchell

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