Inside ANPF

Inside ANPF

A forum for big ideas from inspiring artists

Inside ANPF is a conversation series focused on the process, the playwrights and the productions that make up the collective works that we enjoy and collectively create. This series will be intimate, evolving, engaging, enlightening, entertaining. It will illuminate the inner workings of the playwright's work, the integrity of the Festival and the people who bring theatre to life.

We hope to provide all of our current members with more in-depth glimpses into plays that will grace our stages while inviting new audiences to become members through inviting them into our world of the play.

We look forward to sharing this experience and this season with each of you!

Jackie Apodaca ANPF artistic director

September 2022

Join us on Tuesday, September 27, at 6:30 pm at the nationally recognized and celebrated Oregon Cabaret Theatre for an in-depth conversation with ANPF Artistic Director Jackie Apodaca, interviewed by John Rose.

Ashland New Plays Festival conversation series