In Conversation with Inda Craig-Galván and Kyle Haden

Grab your favorite potato chips and get in on the conversation with playwright Inda Craig-Galván and director Kyle Haden as they talk about Inda’s new play BERTH BREACH/BREECH BIRTH, which ANPF is presenting on April 24 and 25. We learn about the poetic influence that inspired the play, the African-American farming community in Illinois that sparked the roots of the play’s setting, what they’re both looking forward to this week as all the artists come together to start the workshop and rehearsal process, and so much more. These two bring the laughter and the serious in equal measure, taking listeners on a journey of inspiration and insight.

Ashland New Plays Festival will be presenting BERTH BREACH/BREECH BIRTH for TWO DAYS ONLY Saturday and Sunday, April 24 at 7 pm PT and April 25 at 2 pm PT. Tickets are available on a sliding scale. We look forward to welcoming you to the show!

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