Play4Keeps Podcast | Free full play: DANCE OF THE FLUXONS by Drew Katzman, pt 2

Welcome to part two of DANCE OF THE FLUXONS by Drew Katzman! We are excited to offer you free access to this full play from our collection, released in two parts. Our amazing cast features Cameron Davis, Elizabeth Gudenrath, Scott Kaiser, Meghan Nealon, and Stefani Potter. In DANCE OF THE FLUXONS, we follow a family through a tumultuous evening. Will Rainbow get to the pre-party? Should dinner be held or served? Is David cheating on Millie? And where’s Andy? The answer to all of these and more–questions you didn’t even know how to ask–are held within the physics of a fluxon and the heart of a Rainbow, especially the question as to whither we are headed. The story explores how we flawed humans live out our lives subject to basic forces that we neither recognize nor understand, always wondering whether the evidence of our lives should cause us to despair or hope.

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The beautiful art shown in the poster is by Michelle Anderst.

Drew Katzman is a writer, actor and director who has had a long association with Theatre West in Los Angeles. He has also appeared in television, movies, and in theaters in Los Angeles, New York, and Santa Fe. His play IN THE DREAM CASTLE was a winner of Ashland New Plays Festival in 2007 and a finalist in the Julie Harris Playwrights Competition. An earlier version of DANCE OF THE FLUXONS was a finalist in the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference competition and a selection of the Great Plains Theatre Conference.

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